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Weather forecast in Denver, for 3 days

The exact time in Denver:

Local Time.
Time Zone: GMT -7
Winter Time
* weather indicated in local time
Saturday, March 2, 2024
Sun:  Sunrise 06:31 AM, Sunset 05:54 PM.
Moon:  Moonrise 12:13 AM, Moonset 09:42 AM, Moon Phase: waning gibbous waning gibbous
 Earth's magnetic field: Active

eveningfrom 07:00 PM to 12:00 AMClear sky +52...+59 °FClear sky
Wind: fresh breeze, southwest, at a speed of 16-20 mph
On the ground:
Small trees in leaf begin to sway; crested wavelets form on inland waters.
On the sea:
Moderate waves, taking a more pronounced long form; many white horses are formed.

Wind gusts: 45 mph
Relative humidity: 17-36%
Cloudiness: 48%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,1-24,3 "Hg
Visibility: 100%

Sunday, March 3, 2024
Sun:  Sunrise 06:29 AM, Sunset 05:55 PM.
Moon:  Moonrise 01:19 AM, Moonset 10:22 AM, Moon Phase: in its last quarter in its last quarter
 Earth's magnetic field: Unstable
 Solar ultraviolet index: 3,7 (Moderate)
A UV index reading of 3 to 5 means moderate risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure. Stay in shade near midday when the sun is strongest. If outdoors, wear sun protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and UV-blocking sunglasses. Generously apply broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen every 2 hours, even on cloudy days, and after swimming or sweating. Bright surfaces, such as sand, water, and snow, will increase UV exposure.

nightfrom 12:01 AM to 06:00 AMSnow and rain +39...+46 °FSnow and rain
Wind: moderate breeze, northwest, at a speed of 2-13 mph
On the ground:
Raises dust and loose paper; small branches are moved.
On the sea:
Small waves, becoming larger; fairly frequent white horses.

Wind gusts: 27 mph
Relative humidity: 39-74%
Cloudiness: 100%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,1-24,3 "Hg
Precipitations: 0,13 inch
Visibility: 95-100%

morningfrom 06:01 AM to 12:00 PMSnow and rain +36...+46 °FSnow and rain
Wind: gentle breeze, southeast, at a speed of 4-9 mph
On the ground:
Leaves and small twigs in constant motion; wind extends light flag.
On the sea:
Large wavelets. Crests begin to break. Foam of glassy appearance. Perhaps scattered white horses.

Wind gusts: 34 mph
Relative humidity: 48-87%
Cloudiness: 97%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,3 "Hg
Precipitations: 0,024 inch
Visibility: 99-100%

afternoonfrom 12:01 PM to 06:00 PMPartly cloudy sky +50...+55 °FPartly cloudy sky
Wind: fresh breeze, northern, at a speed of 11-20 mph
Wind gusts: 43 mph
Relative humidity: 17-41%
Cloudiness: 87%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,3 "Hg
Visibility: 100%

eveningfrom 06:01 PM to 12:00 AMPartly cloudy sky +39...+50 °FPartly cloudy sky
Wind: gentle breeze, northern, at a speed of 7-11 mph
Wind gusts: 31 mph
Relative humidity: 31-51%
Cloudiness: 23%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,3-24,4 "Hg
Visibility: 100%

Monday, March 4, 2024
Sun:  Sunrise 06:28 AM, Sunset 05:56 PM.
Moon:  Moonrise 02:26 AM, Moonset 11:12 AM, Moon Phase: in its last quarter in its last quarter
 Earth's magnetic field: Unstable
 Solar ultraviolet index: 4,2 (Moderate)

nightfrom 12:01 AM to 06:00 AMCloudy sky +30...+36 °FCloudy sky
Wind: gentle breeze, northern, at a speed of 7-9 mph
Wind gusts: 13 mph
Relative humidity: 56-85%
Cloudiness: 76%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,4 "Hg
Visibility: 100%

morningfrom 06:01 AM to 12:00 PMPartly cloudy sky +28...+43 °FPartly cloudy sky
Wind: gentle breeze, southern, at a speed of 7-9 mph
Wind gusts: 16 mph
Relative humidity: 38-85%
Cloudiness: 62%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,4-24,5 "Hg
Visibility: 100%

afternoonfrom 12:01 PM to 06:00 PMVariably cloudy +45...+50 °FVariably cloudy
Wind: gentle breeze, eastern, at a speed of 7-9 mph
Wind gusts: 20 mph
Relative humidity: 26-34%
Cloudiness: 72%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,4-24,5 "Hg
Visibility: 100%

eveningfrom 06:01 PM to 12:00 AMPartly cloudy sky +39...+48 °FPartly cloudy sky
Wind: gentle breeze, northwest, at a speed of 7-9 mph
Wind gusts: 18 mph
Relative humidity: 31-52%
Cloudiness: 75%
Atmospheric pressure: 24,4-24,5 "Hg
Visibility: 100%

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Some useful data

Country Phone Code:+1
Location:State of Colorado
District:Denver County
The name of the city or village:Denver
Time Zone:America/Denver, GMT -7. Winter Time
Coordinates:Latitude: 39°44'21" N; Longitude: 104°59'6" W;
Other names (In other languages):
DEN, Dehnver, Denber, Denv"r, Denver County, Denveres, Denverium, Denvero, Denverės, Denvr, Denwer, Dénwér, Gorad Dehnver, Mile-High City, Ntenver, Queen City of the Plains, Saint Charles, The Mexican Diggings, The Spanish Diggings, USDEN, dainavara, dan fu, denabhara, denabhara ka'unti, denavara, denba, denbeo, denbhara, denvar, denveri, denvhara, denwexr, dnfr, dnwr, dnwr klradw, dnwwr, klradw, kwlwradw, tenvar, Горад Дэнвер, דענווער, دنفر، كولورادو, دنور، کلرادو, डेनवर, डेन्भर, डेन्वर्, देन्भर, ডেনভার কাউন্টি, ਡੈਨਵਰ, ደንቨር, Денвер, Denver, 丹佛, دنفر, デンバー, 덴버, डॅनवर, Денвър, دنور, Ντένβερ, ডেনভার, เดนเวอร์, டென்வர், ದೇನ್ವೇರ್, ഡെൻവർ, डेन्व्हर, Дэнвер, დენვერი, డెన్వర్, દેન્વેર્, Denveris, Denvera, Դենվեր, ڈینور, דנוור
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Weather forecast in Denver, for 3 days

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